counter, one skilled in counting familiar with arithmetic; an accountant, overseer or calculator. enumerated as an occupation together with muddika at DN.i.51 (expl DN-a.i.157 by acchidda-pāṭhaka); also with muddika and sankhāyika SN.iv.376; as an office at the king’s court (together with amaccā as gaṇaka-mahāmatta = a ministerial treasurer) DN.iii.64, and in same context DN.iii.148 DN.iii.153, DN.iii.169, DN.iii.171, DN.iii.177; as overseer Vin.iii.43; as accountant Mil.79, Mil.293; Vv-a.66.

fr. gaṇ, to comprise in the sense of to count up