1. a knot, a tie, a knot or joint in a stalk (of a plant) Ja.i.172; DN-a.i.163; Dhp-a.i.321 (˚jātaṃ what has be come knotty or hard)
    ■ diṭṭhi-gaṇṭhi the tangle of false doctrine Vv-a.297; anta-gaṇṭh-ābādha entanglement of intestines Vin.i.275.
  2. a (wooden) block Vin.ii.110 (of sandal wood).

-ṭṭhāna (for gaṇṭhikaṭṭhāna?) the place of the block (i.e. of execution) Ja.iii.538; (reads gaṇṭhi-gaṇṭi-ṭṭhāna) Vism.248
bhedaka, in -cora “the thief who breaks the block” (or rope, knot?) Dhp-a.ii.30.

Vedic granthi, to grem to comprise, hold together, cp. Lat. gremium, Sk. gaṇa & grāma, see also gantha