a hollow vessel, a bowl, vase, pitcher. Used for holding water, as well as for other purposes, which are given under pānīya˚ paribhojana vacca˚ at Vin.i.157 = Vin.i.352 = MN.i.207. In the Vinaya freq. combined with kolamba, also a deep vessel: Vin.i.209 Vin.i.213, Vin.i.225, Vin.i.286
■ As water-pitcher: Ja.i.52, Ja.i.93 (puṇṇa˚) Ja.i.166; Vv-a.118, Vv-a.207, Vv-a.244 (˚satena nhāto viya); Pv-a.66 (udaka˚), Pv-a.179 (pānīya˚), Pv-a.282
■ In general: SN.iv.196 For holding a light (in formula antoghaṭe padīpo viya upanissayo pajjalati) Ja.i.235 (cp. kuṭa), Pv-a.38. Used as a drum (= kumbhathūna); as bhadda Sdhp.319, Sdhp.329.

  • -pamāṇa (adj.) of the size of a large pot Ja.ii.104; Pv-a.55.



masculine & feminine multitude, heap, crowd, dense mass, i.e. thicket, cluster. itthi˚ a crowd of women Ja.iv.316 maccha˚ a swarm of fish Ja.ii.227; vana˚ dense forest Ja.ii.385; Ja.iv.56; Ja.v.502;,,; brahma company of brahmins

Sk. ghaṭā; conn. with ganthati to bind together