“become of the lineage”; a technical term used from the end of the Nikāya period to designate one, whether layman or bhikkhu, who, as converted, was no longer of the worldlings (puthujjanā), but of the Ariyas, having Nibbāna as his aim. It occurs in a supplementary Sutta in the Majjhima (MN.iii.256), and in another found in two versions, at the end of the Anguttara (AN.iv.373 and AN.v.23). Defined at Pp.12, Pp.13 & Vism.138 amplified at Pts.i.66–Pts.i.68, frequent in P (Tika-p. 154 sq. 165, 324 etc.), mentioned at Vv-a.155. On the use of gotrabhū in medieval psychology see Aung, in Compendium 66–68. Compare the use of upanissaya at Ja.i.235-˚ñāṇa, Pp-a.184; Vism.673. Ā˚ Vism.683.