1. a troop, a heap, cluster, swarm. Of soldiers Vin.i.345; of fish (maccha˚) DN.i.84 = MN.i.279 = MN.ii.22; AN.i.9.
  2. a thicket, a bush, jungle; the lair of an animal in a thicket (sayana˚ Ja.iv.256) SN.iii.6 (eḷagalā˚) Ja.iii.52 (nivāsa˚, vasana˚); Vv-a.301 (gaccha˚ underwood); Ja.i.149, Ja.i.167; Ja.ii.19; Ja.iii.55; Ja.iv.438; Vv-a.63, Vv-a.66 Cp. pagumba = gumba, in vana˚ Snp.233 (see Kp-a.192) veḷu˚ Thag.919

■ Acc. gumbaṃ (adv.) thickly, in masses balled together Mil.117 (of clouds).

Sk. gulma, *glem to *gel, to be thick, to conglomerate, cp. Lat. glomus (ball), globus, etc. See guḷa