swelling, pimple, pustule, blight, in cpd. guḷā-guṇṭhika-jāta DN.ii.55, which is also to be read at AN.ii.211 (in spite of Morris, prelim. remarks to AN.ii.4 whose trsln. is otherwise correct) = guḷā-gunṭḥita covered with swellings (i.e. blight); cp. similar expression at Dhp-a.iii.297 gaṇḍāgaṇḍa (-jāta) “having become covered all over with pustules (i.e. rash).” All readings at corresp. passages are to be corrected accordingly, viz. SN.ii.92 (guḷigandhika˚); SN.iv.158 (guṇaguṇika˚); the reading at Dpvs.xii.32, also variant reading SS at AN.ii.211, is as quoted above and the whole phrase runs: tantākulajātā guḷāguṇṭhikajātā “entangled like a ball of string and covered with blight.”

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