1. (n.) seizing, seizure, grip (cp. gaha): canda˚ suriya˚ an eclipse (lit. the moon, etc., being seized by a demon) DN.i.10 (= DN-a.i.95: Rāhu candaṃ gaṇhāti). Esp. applied to the sphere of the mind obsession, being possessed (by a thought), an idea opinion, view, usually as a preconceived idea, a wrong view, misconception. So in defn of diṭṭhi (wrong views) with paṭiggāha & abhinivesa Cnd.271#iii (on lepa); Pp.22; Dhs.381 (= obsession like the grip of a crocodile Dhs-a.253), Dhs.1003; Vb.145, Vb.358. In the same formula as vipariyesa ggāha (wrong view), cp viparīta˚ Vv-a.331 (see diṭṭhi). As doubt & error in anekaṃ sa + g˚ in defn of kankhā & vicikicchā Cnd.1, Vb.168; ekaṃsa˚ & apaṇṇaka˚ certainty, right thought Ja.i.97
    ■ gāhaṃ vissajjeti to give up a preconceived idea Ja.ii.387.
    1. (adj.) act. holding: rasmi˚ holding the reins Dhp.222; dabbi˚ holding the spoons Pv.ii.9#53 (= gāhaka Pv-a.135)
    2. (med-pass.) taken: jīvagāha taken alive, in ˚ṃ gaheti to take (prisoner) alive SN.i.84 karamaragāhaṃ gaheti same Ja.iii.361 (see kara).

fr. gaṇhāti