the neck Snp.609; Ja.i.74 (˚ṃ pasāreti to stretch forth), Ja.i.167 (pasārita˚), Ja.i.207, Ja.i.222, Ja.i.265; Ja.iii.52; Vv-a.27 (mayūra˚), Vv-a.157; DN-a.i.296 (˚āya kuṇḍa-daṇḍaka-bandhana, as exhibition punishment): similarly in the sense of “life” (hinting at decapitation) Ja.ii.300 (˚ṃ karissāmi “I shall go for his neck”); Ja.iv.431 = Ja.v.23
■ Syn. kaṇṭha the primary meaning of which is neck, whereas gīvā orig. throat.

Sk. grīvā, to *gṷer to swallow, as signifying throat: see note on gala for etym.