Ida & Idaṃ

indeclinable emphatic demonstr. adv. in local, temporal & modal function, as

  1. in this, here: idappaccayatā having its foundation in this, i.e. causally connected, by way of cause Vin.i.5 = SN.i.136; DN.i.185; Dhs.1004 Dhs.1061; Vb.340, Vb.362, Vb.365; Vism.518; etc
  2. now, then which idha is more freq.) DN.ii.267, DN.ii.270, almost syn. (for with kira
  3. just (this), even so, only: idam-atthika just sufficient, proper, right Thag.984 (cīvara); Pp.69 (read so for ˚maṭṭhika, see Pp-a.250); as idam-atthitā “being satisfied with what is sufficient” at Vism.81 expld. as atthika-bhāva at Pp-a.250. idaṃsaccābhinivesa inclination to say: only this is the truth, i.e. inclination to dogmatise, one of the four kāya-ganthā, viz abhijjhā, byāpāda, sīlabbata-parāmāsa, idaṃ˚ (see Dhs.1135 & Dhs trsl.304); DN.iii.230; SN.v.59; Mnd.98; Ne.115 sq.

nt. of ayaṃ (idaṃ) in function of a deictic part.