indeclinable adv. of succession or motion in space & time “from here”. “from now”.

  1. with ref. to space:

    1. from here, from this, often implying the present existence (in opp. to the “other” world) Iti.77; Snp.271 (˚ja. ˚nidāna caused or founded in or by this existence attabhāvaṃ sandhāy’ āha Snp-a.303), Snp.774 (cutāse), Snp.870 (˚nidāna), Snp.1062 (from this source, i.e. from me), Snp.1101; Pv.i.5#7 (ito dinnaṃ what is given in this world); Pv.i.6#2 (i.e. manussalokato Pv-a.33); Pv.i.12#3 (= idhalokato Pv-a.64); Ne.93 (ito bahiddhā); Pv-a.46 (ito dukkhato mutti)
    2. here (with implication of movement), in phrases ito c’ ito here and there Pv-a.4, Pv-a.6; and ito vā etto vā here & there Dhp-a.ii.80
  2. with ref. to time from here, from now, hence (in chronological records with num. ord. or card., with ref. either to past or future)

    1. referring to the past, since DN.ii.2 (ito so ekanavuto kappo 91 kappas ago); Snp.570 (ito aṭṭhame, scil. divase 8 days ago Snp-a.457; T. reads atthami); Vv-a.319 (ito kira tiṃsa-kappa-sahasse); Pv-a.19 (dvā navuti kappe 92 kappas ago), Pv-a.21 (id.), Pv-a.78 (pañcamāya jātiyā in the fifth previous re-birth)
    2. referring to the future, i.e. henceforth in future, from now e.g. ito sattame divase in a week Vv-a.138; ito paraṃ further, after this Snp-a.160 Snp-a.178, Snp-a.412, Snp-a.549; Pv-a.83; ito paṭthāya from now on, henceforward Ja.i.63 (ito dāni p.); Pv-a.41.

Vedic itaḥ, abl
■ adv. formation fr. pron. base *i, cp. iti, ayaṃ etc.