indeclinable here, in this world (or “thus, in such a way”) only in cpd. -bhāv’ aññathā-bhāva such an (i.e. earthly existence and one of another kind, or existence here (in this life) and in another form“ (cp. itibhāva & itthatta Snp.729, Snp.740 = Snp.752; Iti.9 (variant reading itthi˚ for iti˚) = AN.ii.10 = Cnd.172#a; Iti.94 (variant reading ittha˚). There is likely to have been a confusion between ittha = Sk. itthā & itthaṃ Sk. itthaṃ (see next).

the regular representative of Vedic ittha here, there, but preserved only in compounds while the Pāli form is ettha