indeclinable thus, in this way DN.i.53, DN.i.213; Dāvs iv.35; Dāvs v.18.

  • -nāma (itthan˚) having such as name, called thus, socalled Vin.i.56; Vin.iv.136; Ja.i.297; Mil.115; Dhp-a.ii.98
  • -bhūta being thus, of this kind, modal, only in cpd. ˚lakkhaṇa or ˚ākhyāna the sign or case of modality, i.e. the ablative case Snp-a.441; Vv-a.162, Vv-a.174; Pv-a.150.

adv. fr. pron. base ˚i, as also iti in same meaning