adjective pleasing, welcome, agreeable, pleasant, often in the idiomatic group iṭṭha kanta manāpa (of objects pleasing to the senses) DN.i.245; DN.ii.192; MN.i.85; SN.iv.60, SN.iv.158, SN.iv.235 sq.; SN.v.22, SN.v.60, SN.v.147; AN.ii.66 sq.; AN.v.135 (dasa, dhammā etc., ten objects affording pleasure); Snp.759; Iti.15; Vb.2, Vb.100, Vb.337
■ Alone as nt. meaning welfare, good state, pleasure, happiness at Snp.154 (+ aniṭṭha); Ne.28 (+ aniṭṭha); Vism.167 (id.); Pv-a.116 (= bhadraṃ), Pv-a.140. -aniṭṭha unpleasant disagreeable Pv-a.32, Pv-a.52, Pv-a.60, Pv-a.116
■ See also pariy˚ in which iṭṭha stands for eṭṭha. Itthaka (Itthaka)

pp. of icchati