1. alacrity, readiness; impulse, shock Pts.i.80 sq.; Vism.22; Dhs-a.265 (cp. Dhs trsl. pp. 132 156); DN-a.i.194. Usually in cpd. javana-pañña (adj. of alert intellection, of swift understanding, together with hāsa-pañña (hāsu˚ at MN.iii.25; Ja.iv.136) & puthu tikkha˚ SN.v.376, SN.v.377; Cnd.235, Cnd.3#a. Also in compounds ˚paññā Pts.ii.185 sq.; ˚paññatā AN.i.45; ˚paññattaṃ SN.v.413.
  2. The twelfth stage in the function (kicca) of an act of perception (or vīthicitta): the stage of full perception or apperception. Vism ch. xiv. (e.g. p. 459) Abhdhs. pt. iii, § 6 (kiccaṃ); Comp. pp. 29, 115, 245 In this connection javana is taken in its equally fundamental sense of “going” (not “swiftness”), and the “going” is understood as intellectual movement.