adjective better (than others), best first, supreme; first-born; elder brother or sister, elder eldest DN.ii.15 (aggo jeṭṭho seṭṭho = the first, foremost & best of all); AN.i.108; AN.ii.87; AN.iii.152; AN.iv.175; Ja.i.138 (˚putta); Ja.ii.101 (˚bhātā), Ja.ii.128 (˚yakkhinī); Ja.iv.137.

-apacāyin, in phrase kule-j
■ apacāyin paying due respect to the clan-elders DN.iii.72, DN.iii.74; SN.v.468; Vism.415; Dhp-a.i.265. Same for ˚apacāyikā (f.) honour to… Cnd.294, & -apacāyitar DN.iii.70, DN.iii.71, DN.iii.145, DN.iii.169 -māsa Name of a month Snp-a.359.

■ superl. formation of jyā power. Gr. βία, from ji in jināti & jayati “stronger than others, used as superl. (& compar.) to vuḍḍha old-elder, eldest The compar. *jeyya is a grammarian’s construction see remarks on kaniṭṭha