adjective variegated, spotted, striped; mixed, intermingled; in patches Vism.190. Of a cow (˚gāvī) Dhp-a.i.71 (˚go-rūpa) Dhp-a.i.99; of a calf (˚vaccha Ja.v.106; of a dog (˚vaṇṇa = sabala q.v.) Ja.vi.107; of leprosy Ja.v.69; of the shade of trees (˚cchāya, opp sanda˚) MN.i.75; Ja.iv.152; Dhp-a.i.375.

  • -kucchi having a belly striped with many colours, of a monster Ja.i.273;
  • -kuṭṭha a kind of leprosy Ja.v.69
  • -maṇi the cat’s eye, a precious stone, also called masāragalla but also an emerald; both are prob. varieties of the cat’s eye Vv-a.167, Vv-a.304.

cp. Sk. kabara