1. sweepings, dust, rubbish (usually in combination with chaḍḍeti and sammajjati) Ja.i.292 Ja.iii.163; Ja.iv.300; Vism.70; DN-a.i.7; Dhp-a.i.52; Snp-a.311
  2. rags, old clothes SN-a.283 (= pilotikā).
  • -chaḍḍana throwing out sweepings, in ˚pacchi a dust basket, a bin Ja.i.290.
  • -chaḍḍanaka a dust pan Ja.i.161 (+ muṭṭhi-sammjjanī).
  • -chaḍḍani a dust pan Dhp-a.iii.7 (sammajjanī +).
  • -chaḍḍikā (dāsī) a maid for sweeping dust, a cinderella Dhp-a.iv.210.

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