1. the plant Carpopogon pruriens, the fruit of which causes itch when applied to the skin Dhp-a.iii.297 (mahā-phalāni).
  2. itch, scab, a cutaneous disease, usually in phrase kacchuyā khajjati “to be eaten by itch (cp. E. itch → eat) Vin.i.202, Vin.i.296; Ja.v.207; Pv.ii.3#11 (cp. kapi˚); Vism.345; Dhp-a.i.299.
  • -cuṇṇa the powdered fruit of Carpopogon pruriens causing itch Dhp-a.iii.297.
  • -piḷakā scab & boils Ja.v.207.

Derivation uncertain, cp. Sk. kacchu, dial. for kharju: perhaps connected with khajjati, eating, biting