Kacci & kaccid

indeclinable indef. interrog. particle expressing doubt or suspense equivalent to Gr. α ̓́ν, Lat. ne, num, nonne: then perhaps; I doubt whether, I hope, I am not sure, etc. Vin.i.158, Vin.i.350; DN.i.50 (k. maṃ na vañcesi I hope you do not deceive me), DN.i.106; SN.iii.120, SN.iii.125; Snp.335, Snp.354 Snp.p.87; Ja.i.103, Ja.i.279; Ja.v.373; Dhp-a.ii.39 (k. tumhe gatā “have you not gone,” answer: āma “yes”); Pv-a.27 (k. tan dānaṃ upakappati does that gift really benefit the dead?), Pv-a.178 (k. vo piṃḍapāto laddho have you received any alms?). Cp. kin
■ Often combined with other indef. particles, e.g. kacci nu Vin.i.41; Ja.iii.236 Ja.vi.542; k. nu kho “perhaps” (Ger. etwa, doch nicht Ja.i.279; k. pana Ja.i.103
■ When followed by nu or su the original d reappears according to rules of Sandhi kaccinnu Ja.ii.133; Ja.v.174, Ja.v.348; Ja.vi.23); kaccissu Snp.1045 Snp.1079 (see Cnd.186).

Sk. kaccid = kad + cid, see kad˚