crab SN.i.123; MN.i.234; Ja.i.222; Vv.54#6 (Vv-a.243, Vv-a.245); Dhp-a.iii.299 (mama… kakkaṭakassa viya akkhīni nikkhamimsu, as a sign of being in love). Cp. kakkhaḷa.

  • -nala a kind of sea-reed of reddish colour, Ja.iv.141 also a name for coral, ibid.
  • -magga fissures in canals frequented by crabs, Dhs-a.270.
  • -yantaka a ladder with hooks at one end for fastening it to a wall, Mhvs.ix.17.
  • -rasa a flavour made from crabs, crab-curry Vv-a.243.

cp. Sk. karkaṭa, karkara “hard,” kankata “mail”; cp. Gr. καρκίνος & Lat. cancer; also B. Sk kakkaṭaka hook