1. anything that comprises a number of things of the same kind; a bundle, bunch sheaf; a row, multitude; usually of grass, bamboo-or sugar-canes, sometimes of hair and feathers SN.iv.290 (tiṇa˚); Ja.i.158 (do.); Ja.i.25 (naḷa˚), Ja.i.51 (mālā˚), Ja.i.100 (uppalakumuda˚); Ja.v.39 (usīra˚); Mil.33; Pv-a.257, Pv-a.260 (ucchu˚), Pv-a.272 (veḷu˚); Pv-a.46 (kesā), Pv-a.142 (mora-piñja˚)
  2. a quiver Vin.ii.192; Iti.68; Ja.vi.236; Mil.418; Pv-a.154, Pv-a.169
  3. in philosophy: a group of qualities, pertaining to the material body (cp. rūpa˚) Vism.364 (dasadhamma˚), Vism.626 (phassa-pañcamakā dhammā); Bdhd 77 (rūpa˚), Bdhd 78, Bdhd 120.
  • -agga (nt.) “the first (of the) bunch,” the first (sheaves) of a crop, given away as alms Dhp-a.i.98
  • -sammasanā grasping (characteristics) by groups Vism.287, Vism.606, Vism.626 sq.

cp. Sk. kalāpa