kind of pea, the chick-pea MN.i.245 (kaḷāya); SN.i.150; AN.v.170; Snp.p.124; Ja.ii.75 (= varaka, the bean Phaseolus trilobus, and kālarāja-māsa); Ja.iii.370; Dhp-a.i.319. Its size may be gathered from its relation to other fruits in ascending scale at AN.v.170 = SN.i.150 Snp.p.124 (where the size of an ever-increasing boil is described). It is larger than a kidney bean (mugga and smaller than the kernel of the jujube (kolaṭṭhi).

  • -matta of the size of a chick-pea SN.i.150; AN.v.170 Snp.p.124 (ḷ); Ja.iii.370; Dhp-a.i.319.