1. to be done, to be made or performed; that which might or could be done Dhp.53; Ja.i.77, Ja.i.267; Ja.v.362.
  2. (nt.) that which is to be done, obligation, duty Thag.330; Ja.ii.154; Ja.v.402; Dhp-a.i.211

akattabba (adj.) not to be done Ja.iii.131 Ja.v.147; (nt.) that which ought not to be done Ja.v.402 kattabb’ ākattabba to be done and not to be done Ja.i.387. kattabba-yuttaka 1 (adj.) fit or proper to be done Dhp-a.i.13. 2 (nt.) duty, obligation Ja.iii.9 Ja.vi.164; Dhp-a.i.180; (the last) duties towards the deceased Ja.i.431
■ Cp. kātabba.

grd. of karoti