one who makes or creates, a maker, doer; in foll. construction.

I. Dependent

Either in verb-function with acc., as n. agent to all phrases with karoti e.g. pañhaṃ karoti to put a question, pañhaṃ kattā one who puts a question or in n. function with gen., e.g. mantānaṃ kattāro the authors of the Mantas, or in cpd. rāja-kattāro makers of kings

II. Dependent

as n. kattā the doer kattā hoti no bhāsitā he is a man of action, and not of words.

  1. (indef.) one who does anything (with acc. AN.i.103; AN.ii.67; AN.v.347, AN.v.350 sq.; (with gen.) Ja.i.378 Ja.iii.136 (one who does evil, in same meaning at Ja.iii.26 C. akataññū, cp. J.P.T.S. 1893, 15: not to kṛt!), Ja.iv.98 (explained as kata by C); Ja.v.258; Mil.25, Mil.296; Bdhd 85 sq.
  2. an author, maker, creator DN.i.18 (of Brahmā: issaro, k., nimmātā), DN.i.104 (mantānaṃ); AN.ii.102; Dhp.i.111.
  3. an officer of a king, the king’s messenger Ja.v.220 (= Ja.v.225); Ja.vi.259, Ja.vi.268, Ja.vi.302, Ja.vi.313, Ja.vi.492 Note. At Ja.v.225 & Ja.vi.302 the voc. is katte (of a-decl.) cp. also nom. ˚katta for ˚kattā in salla-katta.
  4. as t.t.g. Name of the instr. case Vv-a.97; Kacc.136, Kacc.143, Kacc.277.

n. ag. fr. karoti, cp. Sk. kartṛ