adverb where? where to whither? Vin.i.83, Vin.i.107; Vin.ii.76; DN.i.223; Snp.487, Snp.1036; Ja.iii.76; Pv.ii.9#16; Dhp-a.i.3
■ k. nu kho where then where I wonder? DN.i.215 sq., Pv-a.22 (with Pot. -katthaci) (indef.) anywhere, at some place or other Ja.i.137; Ja.v.468; wherever, in whatever place Mil.366; Pv-a.284; Kp-a.247; Ja.iii.229; Ja.iv.9, Ja.iv.45; as katthacid eva Ja.iv.92; Pv-a.173. Sometimes doubled katthaci katthaci in whatsoever place Ja.iv.341
na k. nowhere MN.i.424; Mil.77; Vv-a.14.

  • -ṭhita fig. in what condition or state? DN.ii.241 (corresp. with ettha); Ja.iv.110.
  • -vāsa in what residence Snp.412.
  • -vāsika residing where? Ja.ii.128, Ja.ii.273.

der. fr. interr. base ka˚; (kad2), whereas Sk. kutra is der. fr. base ku˚; cp. kuttha