1. a closely fitting jacket, a bodice Vin.i.306 = Vin.ii.267; AN.i.145; Dhp-a.iii.295 (paṭa˚ṃ paṭimuncitvā dressed in a close bodice); Pv-a.63 (urago tacaṃ kañcukaṃ omuñcanto viya).
  2. the slough of a snake (cp. 1) DN-a.i.222.
  3. armour, coat of mail Ja.v.128 (sannāha˚); DN-a.i.157 (of leather); Dāvs v.14
  4. a case, covering, encasement; of one pagoda encasing another: Mhvs.i.42.

from kañc (kac) to bind, cp. Gr. κάκαλα fetter, Sk. kañcuka