(= khaḷopi) f.

  1. a vessel, basin, pot: see compounds
  2. a basket, crate (= pacchi Thag-a.219; Ja.v.252) MN.i.77 MN.i.342; SN.i.236 = Thig.283 (where osenti is to be corr. to openti); Ja.v.252
    ■ On the form of the word (= karoṭi? see Trenckner J.P.T.S. 1908, 109 and Davids, Dial. i.227. kaḷopī (as khaḷopī) is explained at Pp-a.231 as “ukkhalī, pacchi vā.”
  • -mukha the brim of a pan or cooking vessel DN.i.166 = MN.i.77 = MN.i.342 = AN.i.295 = AN.ii.206 (kumbhi-m˚ + kaḷopim˚);
  • -hattha with a vessel or basket in his hand AN.iv.376.