feminine the itch, itching, itchy feeling, desire to scratch Vin.i.202, Vin.i.296; Ja.v.198; Vism.345. kaṇḍuṃ karoti to make or cause to itch Ja.v.198; vineti to allay the itch, to scratch Ja.v.199
■ (fig.) worldly attachment irritation caused by the lusts, in “kaṇḍuṃ saṃhanti (as result of jhāna) AN.iv.437.

  • -uppala a kind of lotus-blossom Dāvs iv.48;
  • -paṭicchādi an “itch-cloth,” i.e. a covering allowed to the bhikkhus when suffering from itch or other cutaneous disease Vin.i.296, Vin.i.297; Vin.iv.171, Vin.iv.172.
  • -rogin (adj. suffering from the itch Khus.105.

perhaps from *kanad to bite, scratch; cp. Sk. kandara, Gr. κναδάλλω to bite, κνώδων, κνώδαλον, etc., Sk kaṇḍu m. & f.


an arrow-shot (as measure), in sahassa-kaṇḍu sata-bheṇḍu Thag.164 = Ja.ii.334 (but the latter: sata-bhedo), explained at Thag.164n by sahassakaṇḍo sahassa [sata?]-bhūmako, and at Ja.ii.334 by sahassa-kaṇḍubbedho ti pāsādo satabhūmiko ahosi; in preceding lines the expression used is “sahassa-kaṇḍagamanaṃ uccaṃ.”

= kaṇḍa in compound