1. to boil, to stew Bdhgh on Vin.i.205 see Vin. Texts ii.57 n1, where pp. is given as kuthita Similarly Thig.504 (cp. Sisters 174 n4, but cp. Mil trs. ii.271 “distressed”; E. Müller, J.R.A.S. 1910 539).
  2. to be scorched, pp. kaṭhita (= hot) Mil.323, Mil.325, Mil.357, Mil.397
    ■ The pp. occurs as ˚kaṭṭhita ˚kuṭṭhita in cpds uk˚ pa˚ (q.v.). See also kuṭṭhita.

Sk. kvathati; cp. Goth. hvapo scum, hvapjan to seethe. The Dhātumañjūsā (no. 132, ed. Andersen Smith) comments on; kaṭh with “sosāna-pākesu.” See also kuthati