adjective noun

  1. (adj.) hard, firm, stiff Cp.ii.2; Dhs.44, Dhs.45 (where also der. f. abstr. akaṭhinatā absence of rigidity, combined with akakkhalatā, cp Dhs-a.151 akaṭhina-bhāva); Pv-a.152 (˚dāṭha)
    ■ (fig. hard, harsh, cruel Ja.i.295 = Ja.v.448 (= thaddha-hadaya) adv. -ṃ fiercely, violently Mil.273, Mil.274.
  2. (nt.) the cotton cloth which was annually supplied by the laity to the bhikkhus for the purpose of making robes Vin.i.253 sq.; also a wooden frame used by the bh. in sewing their robes Vin.ii.115–Vin.ii.117
    ■ On the k. robe see Vin.i.298 sq.; Vin.iii.196 sq., Vin.iii.203 sq., Vin.iii.261 sq.; Vin.iv.74, Vin.iv.100, Vin.iv.245 sq. Vin.iv.286 sq.; Vin.v.15, Vin.v.88, Vin.v.119, Vin.v.172 sq.; Vin.v.218. Cp. Vin. Texts i.18; ii.148; iii.92.
  • -attharaṇa the dedication of the k. cloth Vin.i.266 see next.
  • -atthāra the spreading out, i.e. dedication of the k. cloth by the people to the community of bhikkhus. On rules concerning this distribution and description of the ceremony see Vin.i.254 sq.; Bv.ix.7; cp. Vin.v.128 sq., Vin.v.205
  • -uddhāra the withdrawal or suspension of the five privileges accorded to a bhikkhu at the k. ceremony Vin.i.255, Vin.i.259; Vin.iii.262; Vin.iv.287, Vin.iv.288; Vin.v.177 Vin.v.179, cp. next & Vin. Texts ii.157, 234, 235.
  • -ubbhāra = ˚uddhāra, in kaṭhinassa ubbhārāya “for the suspension of the k privileges” Vin.i.255.
  • -khandhaka the chapter or section treating of k., the 7th of the Mahāvagga of the Vinaya Vin.ii.253 Vin.ii.267.
  • -cīvara a k. robe made of k cloth Bv.ix.7.
  • -dussa the k. cloth Vin.i.254.
  • -maṇḍapa a shed in which the bhikkhus stitched their k. cloth into robes Vin.ii.117.
  • -rajju string used to fix the k. cloth on to the frame Vin.ii.116.
  • -sālā = ˚maṇḍapa Vin.ii.116.

Sk. kaṭhina & kaṭhora with dial. ṭh for rth; cp. Gr. κρατύς, κρατερός strong, κράτος strength; Goth. hardus = Ags. heard = E. hard. Cp also Sk. kṛtsna = P. kasiṇa