1. ray, beam of light splendour, effulgence Thag.64; which is a riddle on the various meanings of ketu.
  2. flag, banner, sign perhaps as token of splendour Thag.64. dhamma-k˚ having the Doctrine as his banner AN.i.109 = AN.iii.149 dhūma-k˚; having smoke as its splendour, of fire, Ja.iv.26; Vv-a.161 in expln of dhūmasikha.
  • -kamyatā desire for prominence, self-advertisement (perhaps vainglory, arrogance) Vism.469; Dhs.1116 (Dhs A. trs. 479), Dhs.1233 = Cnd.505; Nd i.on Snp.829 (= uṇṇama);
  • -mālā “garland of rays” Vv-a.323.

Vedic ketu, *(s)qait, clear; cp. Lat. caelum (= *caidlom), Ohg heitar, heit; Goth. haidus; E
■ hood, orig appearance, form, like