to adorn oneself with (acc.), to fondle, treasure, take pride in (gen.) MN.i.260 (allīyati kelāyati dhanāyati mamāyati, where dhanāyati is to be read as vanāyati as shown by variant reading SN.iii.190 & MN.i.552); SN.iii.190 (id.) Mil.73
pp keḷāyita.

Denom. fr. kīḷ in meaning “to amuse oneself with,” i.e. take a pride in. Always combined with mamāyati. BSk. same meaning (to be fond of) śālikṣetrāṇi k. gopāyati Divy.631. Morris. J.P.T.S. 1893, 16 puts it (wrongly?) to kel to quiver: see also keḷanā