inlaid, adorned with, usually with jewels e.g. Vv-a.14, Vv-a.277; maṇi-muttâdi khacitā ghaṇṭā “bells inlaid with jewels, pearls, etc.” Vv-a.36; of a fan inlaid with ivory (danta-khacita) Vin.iii.287 (Sam. Pās.) Suvaṇṇa-khacita-gajak’ attharaṇā “elephants’ trappings interwoven with gold” Vv-a.104; of a chair, inlaid with pearls Ja.i.41; of a canopy embroidered with golden stars Ja.i.57.

pp. of khac as root explained at Dhtm. 518 by “bandhana”