thrown; cast, overthrown Dhp.34; rajo paṭivātaṃ kh˚, dirt thrown against the wind SN.i.13, SN.i.164 = Snp.662 = Dhp.125; Ja.iii.203; ratti-khittā sarā arrows shot in the night Dhp.304 = Ne.11; acchi vātavegena khittā a flame overthrown by the power of the wind, blown out Snp.1074 (explained Cnd.220 by ukkhittā nuṇṇā, khambhitā) in interpret. of khetta Pv-a.7 said of sowing: khittaṃ vuttaṃ bījaṃ
akkhitta not upset, not deranged, undisturbed in qualities required of a brahmin w. ref. to his genealogy: yāva sattamā pitāmahāyugā akkhitto DN.i.113 = Snp.p.115, etc. Cp. vi˚.

  • -citta one whose mind is thrown over, upset, unhinged usually combined with ummattaka, out of one’s mind Vin.i.131, Vin.i.321; Vin.ii.64, etc.; Sdhp.88. Cp. citta-kkhepa.

pp. of khip, to throw Dhtp.479; peraṇe