to be exhausted, to waste away, to become dejected, to fall away from Vin.iv.152; Ja.i.290 (dhạna); Pv.ii.9#42; Pv.ii.11#2; Pts.i.94, Pts.i.96 Pts.ii.31 (āsavā); Bdhd 80
ppr khīyamāna Snp.434 Bdhd 19. aor. khīyi DN.iii.93; grd. khīyitabba ibid see also khāya and khīyanaka. In phrase “ujjhāyati khīyati vipāceti it seems to correspond to jhāyati2 [Sk. kṣāyati] and the meaning is “to become chafed or heated, to become vexed, angry; to take offence”; as evidenced by the combination with quâsi-synonyms ujjhāyati & vipāceti, both referring to a heated state, fig for anger (cp. kilissati). Thus at Vin.ii.259 & passim See ujjhāyati for further refs.

Sk. kṣīyate, pass. to khayati