to become heated, to get into a state of inflammation, to fester (of wounds) Vin.i.205 (vaṇo kilijjittha festered); Snp.671 (gloss for kilissati, explained at Snp-a.481 by pūti hoti)
pp kilinna. See also ukkiledeti (to clean out a stain, to “disinfect”).

med-pass. of kilid = Sk. klid, to be wet. prob. = śliṣ to stick to, and confounded with svid, cp. also kelana & khela. The meaning “to get wet, to be soiled” only in pp. kilinna
■ The Dhtm (199), however explains k. by parideva lament, to be in trouble, which is not quite in harmony with the meaning; it is more likely that in P. we have a confusion between klid kliś in a meaning which differs from Sk.