to tinkle Ja.v.206; (freq. fr. kili or den. fr. kilikilā; cp. kilakilā “shouting for joy” Avs.i.48 and in cpd. hāhākārakilakilā “shouting hā-hā and hail-hail” Avs.i.67 Mvu.iii.312 and Divy.459). See also kiṇakiṇāyati Note.- Kil is one of the variations of the sound-imitating qel, which otherwise appears as qal, qul in Gr. κελ αδος, L. cal-are, Ohg. hell-an (cp. Sk. krandati?) also Gr.κλάζω, L. clango, Goth. hlahjan (“laugh”) and in Sk kolāhala, kokila, cp. cuculus (cuckoo) and perhaps Sk ululī, ulūka (owl), Gr. ὀλολύζω, L. ululare. See also the cognate qer under kitti.

denom. fr. kili with reduplication