Kitava & kitavā

one who plays false; a cheat; adj. deceitful SN.i.24; Ja.v.116; Ja.v.117 (a˚)
■ kitavā at Dhp.252 (= Dhp-a.iii.375) in combination with saṭha also at, where the connection with kaṭa is evident: kaṭaṃ Aḷāto gaṇhāti kiṭavā sikkhito yathā like one who is skilled in having the kaṭa, the lucky die. Explained at Dhp-a.iii.375 as taken from fowling kitavāya attabhāvaṃ paṭicchādeti “he hides himself by means of a pretence” (behind sham branches).

= kaṭavā? cp. kaṭa