(cp. also halāhala) shouting, uproar, excitement about (-˚), tumult, foreboding, warning about something, hailing. There are 5 kolāhalāni enumerated at Kp-a.120 sq. viz. kappa˚; (the announcement of the end of the world, cp. Vism.415 sq.), cakkavatti˚; (of a worldking), buddha˚; (of a Buddha), maṅgala˚; (that a Buddha will pronounce the “εὐαγγέλιον”), moneyya˚ (that a monk will enquire of the Lord after the highest wisdom cp. Snp-a.490). One may compare the 3 (mahā-)halāhalāni given at Ja.i.48 as kappa-halāhala, buddha˚ and cakkavatti˚, eka-kolāhalaṃ one uproar Ja.iv.404; Ja.vi.586; Dhp-a.ii.96. See also Vin.ii.165, Vin.ii.275, Vin.ii.280; Ja.v.437; Dhp-a.i.190; Pv-a.4; Vv-a.132.