adjective juvenile, belonging to a youth or maiden: f. komārī a virgin AN.iv.210.

  • -pati husband of a girl-wife Ja.ii.120.
  • -brahmacariyā (˚ṃ carati) to practise the vow of chastity or virginity AN.iii.224; Thag-a.99.
  • -bhacca Np. “master of the k˚-science,” i.e. of the medical treatment of infants (see note on Vin.i.269 at Vin. Texts ii.174). As such it is the cognomen of Jīvaka DN.i.47 (as Komārabhacca DN-a.i.132); Vin.i.71; Ja.i.116; cp. Sdhp.351.

fr. kumāra