ill-temper, anger, grudge Vin.ii.184 = Snp.6; Dhs.1060; with appaccaya (mistrust) MN.i.27; almost exclusively in phrase kopañ ca dosañ ca appaccayañ ca pātukaroti (pātvakāsi) “he shows forth ill-temper malice and mistrust” (of a “codita” bhikkhu) DN.iii.159; SN.iv.305; MN.i.96 sq., MN.i.250, MN.i.442; AN.i.124, AN.i.187 AN.ii.203; AN.iii.181 sq.; AN.iv.168, AN.iv.193; Ja.i.301; Snp.p.92. akopa (adj.) friendly, without hatred, composed Snp.499.

  • -antara (adj.) one who is under the power of ill-temper SN.i.24.

fr. kup