1. to beat, smash, crush, pound Ja.i.478 Ja.vi.366 (spelt ṭṭh); Dhp-a.i.25 (suvaṇṇaṃ) 165.
  2. to make even (the ground or floor) Vin.ii.291 (in making floors); Ja.vi.332.
  3. to cut, kill Snp-a.178 (= hanti of Snp.121); Dhp-a.i.70 (pharasunā)

pp koṭṭita
caus koṭṭāpeti to cause to beat, to massage Vin.ii.266; Ja.iv.37 (ṭṭ the only variant reading B.; T. has ṭṭh).

cp. Sk. kuṭ; & kuṭṭa1. Explained one-sidedly by Dhtp (91 & 556) as “chedane” which is found only in 3 and adhikuṭṭanā. The meaning “beat” is attributed by Dhtp (557) & Dhtm (783) to root; kuṭ3 (see kūṭa3) by expla “akoṭane.” Cp. also kūṭa4; ākoṭeti & paṭikoṭeti