cavity, esp. the belly (Vism.101) or the womb; aṇṇava˚ the interior of the oce an.i.119, an.i.227; Ja.v.416; jāla˚ the hollow of the net Ja.i.210. As womb frequent, e.g. mātu˚ Ja.i.149; DN-a.i.224; Pv-a.19, Pv-a.63, Pv-a.111, Pv-a.195; as pregnant womb containing gabbha Ja.i.50; Ja.ii.2; Ja.vi.482; Dhp-a.ii.261.

  • -ḍāha enteric fever Dhp-a.i.182;
  • -parihārika sustaining, feeding the belly DN.i.71 = Pp.58;
  • -roga abdominal trouble Ja.i.243;
  • -vikāra disturbance of the bowels Vin.i.301;
  • -vitthambhana steadying the action of the bowels (digestion) Dhs.646 = Dhs.740 = Dhs.875.

Sk. kukṣiḥ, cp. kośa