1. deceit, fraud, hypocrisy, usually in combination kuhana-lapana “deceit and talking-over” = deceitful talk DN.i.8; AN.iii.430; DN-a.i.92; Mil.383; Nd ii.on avajja
    ■ MN.i.465 = Iti.28, Iti.29; SN.iv.118; AN.v.159 sq.; Vism.23 Vb.352; Sdhp.375.
  2. menacing Snp-a.582
    ■ Opp akuhaka Snp.852
    ■ Var. commentator’s derivations are kuhāyanā (fr. kuhanā) and kuhitattaṃ (fr. kuheti) to be found at Vism.26.
  • -vatthūni (pl.) cases or opportunities of deceit, three of which are discussed at Nd ii.on nikkuha, mentioned also at Vism.24; DN-a.i.91 & Snp-a.107.

abstr. fr. adj. kuhana = kuhaka