large round pot (often combined with kaḷopī,) Vin.i.49, Vin.i.52, Vin.i.286; Vin.ii.142, Vin.ii.210; Thig.283. loha˚ a copper (see [as lohamaya k˚ Snp.670](/define/as lohamaya k˚ Snp.670)), in ˚pakkhepana, one of the ordeals in Niraya Pv-a.221. Also a name for one of the Nirayas (see lohakumbhī). Cp. nidhi˚.

  • -mukha the rim of a pot (always with kaḷopi-mukha DN.i.166 and≈(see kaḷopī); Vism.328.