an elephant Vin.ii.195; MN.i.229, MN.i.375; SN.i.157; Dhp.322, Dhp.324, Dhp.327; Ja.v.336; Vv.5#1; Pv.i.11#3; Dhp-a.iv.4; Thag-a.252; Mil.245
■ deva˚ chief of the gods; epithet of Sakka Vv.47#7; Ja.v.158.

  • -vara a state elephant Vv-a.181.
  • -sālā an elephant’s stable Dhp-a.iv.203.

Deriv. unknown. The sound is not unlike an elephant’s trumpeting & need not be Aryan, which has hasti. The Sk. of the epics & fables uses both h˚ and k˚