a glass-like substance made of siliceous clay; crystal Vin.i.190; Vin.ii.112 (cp Divy.503, kācamaṇi rock-crystal)
; not of glass or quartz, i.e. pure, clear, flawless, appl. to precious stones DN.ii.244 = Ja.ii.418 (= akakkasa) Snp.476. In the same sense also Mhvs.i.164.

  • -ambha (nt.) red crystal Ja.vi.268 (= rattamaṇi)
  • -maya made of crystal, crystalline Vin.i.190; Vin.ii.112.

Der. unknown. The word first occurs in the Śat Br. & may well be non-Aryan


a pingo, a yoke, a carrying-pole, usually made of bamboo, at both ends of which baskets are hung (double pingo). Besides this there is a single pingo (ekato-kājo) with only one basket and “middle” p. (antarā˚) with two bearers and the basket suspended in the middle Vin.ii.137; Ja.i.154; Ja.v.13, Ja.v.293 Ja.v.295 sq., Ja.v.320, Ja.v.345; Pv-a.168.

cp. Sk. kāca & kāja