the crow; freq. in similes: SN.i.124; Snp.448; Ja.i.164. Its thievish ways are described at Dhp-a.iii.352; said to have ten bad qualities AN.v.149; Ja.i.342; Ja.iii.126; kākā vā kulalā vā Vin.iv.40
■ As bird (of the dead) frequenting places of interment and cremation, often with other carcass-eating animals (sigāla, gijjha) Snp.201; Pv-a.198 (= dhanka); cp. kākoḷa-In compounds often used derisively
■ f. kākī Ja.ii.39, Ja.ii.150 Ja.iii.431.

  • -āmasaka “touching as much as a crow,” attr. of a person not enjoying his meals Dhp-a.iv.16; Dhs-a.404
  • -uṭṭepaka a crow-scarer, a boy under fifteen, employed as such in the monastery grounds Vin.i.79 cp. Vin.i.371.
  • -opamā the simile of the crow Dhp-a.ii.75.
  • -orava “crow-cawing,” applied to angry and confused words Vin.i.239, cp. Vin.iv.82;
  • -olūka crows and owls Ja.ii.351; Dhp-a.i.50; Mhbv.15;
  • -guyha (tall) enough to hide a crow (of young corn, yava) Ja.ii.174; cp. J. trsl. ii.122
  • -nīḷa a crow’s nest Ja.ii.365;
  • -paññā “crow -wisdom, i.e. foolishness which leads to ruin through greed Ja.v.255, Ja.v.258; cp. Ja.vi.358;
  • -paṭṭanaka a deserted village inhabited only by crows Ja.vi.456;
  • -āmasaka “touching as much as a crow,” attr. of a person not enjoying his meals Dhp-a.iv.16; Dhs-a.404
  • -peyya “(so full that a crow can easily drink of it,” full to the brim overflowing, of a pond: samatittika k˚ “with even banks and drinkable for crows” (i.e. with the water on a level with the land) DN.i.244; SN.ii.134 (do.); DN.ii.89; MN.i.435; AN.iii.27; Ja.ii.174; Ud.90; cp. note to J. trsl. ii.122; Pv-a.202. See also peyya.
  • -bhatta “a crow’s meal,” i.e. remnants left from a meal thrown out for the crows Ja.ii.149;
  • -vaṇṇa “crow-coloured” Name of a king Mhvs.22#11 ;
  • -vassa the cry of a crow Vin.ii.17
  • -sīsa the head of a crow Ja.ii.351; as adj.: having a crow’s head, applied to a fabulous flying horse DN.ii.174 cp. Ja.ii.129;
  • -sūra a “crow-hero,” appl. to a shameless unconscientious fellow Dhp.244; Dhp-a.iii.352;
  • -ssaraka (having a voice) sounding like a crow Vin.i.115.

onomat., cp. Sk. kāka; for other onomat. relatives see note on gala