adjective belonging to time, in time, as sabba-kālika always in time, cp. Gr. ὡραϊος Vv.39#2 with time, i.e. gradual, slowly, delayed SN.i.117 = Cnd.645; usually neg. akālika

  1. not delayed, immediate, in this world, comb. with sandiṭṭhika SN.ii.58; SN.i.117 SN.iv.41 = SN.iv.339 = SN.v.343.

  2. subject to time, i.e. temporal vanishing Pv-a.87.

  3. unusual, out of season Mil.114 (cp. akāla).

    ■ See also tāva-kālika.

    fr. kāla 2