1. abs.

    1. deed, service, act of mercy or worship, homage: kāra-paṇṇaka Ja.vi.24 (vegetable as oblation); appako pi kato kāro devûpapattiṃ āvahati “even a small gift of mercy brings about rebirth among the gods” Pv-a.6. -kāraka one who performs a religious duty DN.i.61 (= DN-a.i.170).
    2. doing manner, way: yena kārena akattha tena k˚ pavattamānaṃ phalaṃ “as you have done so will be the fruit Pv-a.45.
  2. (-˚)

    1. the production or application of i.e. the state or quality of…: atta˚; one’s own state = ahaṃ kāra, individuality; para˚; the personality of others AN.iii.337; citti˚; reflection, thought Pv-a.26; see e.g. andha˚; darkness, sak˚; homage, etc
      ■ balakkārena forcibly Pv-a.68
    2. as ttg. the item, i.e. particle letter, sound or word, e.g. ma-kāra the letter m Pv-a.52; ca-kāra the particle ca Pv-a.15; sa-kāra the sound sa Snp-a.23

    a (adj. n.) (cp. kara) one who does handles or deals with: ayakāra iron-smith Mil.331.

fr. kār-, cp. Vedic kāra song of praise, which is, however, derived fr. kṛ = kir to praise; also Vedic ˚kāra in brāhma˚, fr. kṛ.